The solution for remotely connected general assemblies

Web platform for a global management of shareholders' meetings in person, remotely and by correspondence and of course in mixed mode.

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More than
389 assembly done
with AG-CONNECT, with 32384 participants

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Secured solution

In compliance with legislation

Gathering our partner's technological and legal expertise (experienced co-ownership lawyers in Quebec, specialized lawyers in France), AG CONNECT enables you to hold your meetings safely and legitimately.

* Allows all members to instantly communicate, all while preserving the secrecy of the vote

* Attendance sheet signature with a digital fingerprint, live quorum calculation, management of digital mandates, double identification of voters

* Digital tracking of all events: AG CONNECT permits to deliver a proof certificate of all actions occurred during the general assembly.

  • Allows all members to communicate immediately with each other while preserving the secrecy of the vote

  • Attendance sheet signature with digital record, real-time quorum calculation, digital proxy management, double identification of voters

  • Digital tracing of all events: AG-CONNECT enables a certificate of proof to be issued for all shares that took place during the General Meeting

Accessible to everyone, everywhere

AG-CONNECT is accessible to all & everywhere

No application to download, a simple browser and a web access allow you to participate in an Assembly. On a technical level, we preferably recommend the Chrome or Firefox/Safari/Opéra browser.

You can also connect from a tablet or smartphone (iOS version 12 minimum, Android version 21).

Internet Explorer/EDGE browsers are not supported.
If you do not have any of these devices, you may join the meeting by telephone, however you will not be able to vote except by proxy or by mail.

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Present and reunited in the same space

works autonomously but allows a universal import of data from Excel lists: List of co-owners and resolutions. AG-CONNECT is therefore compatible with any software capable of exporting a list to Excel.

In addition, AG-CONNECT has powerful API connectors to automate the creation of Assemblies in the platform. These APIs require a partnership agreement with AG-CONNECT and the currently interfaced software is : Gercop, Crypto, Y15, Egide.

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